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ASILMC - Moment - Wampa pack

The story of this first batch is well known to all SW fans and it depicts the story arc that was in the original script but was dropped for various reasons, and it shows the invasion of Wampa creatures in the rebel Echo Base on Hoth.
The first frame (from top to bottom) shows a Wampa pack circling the main entrance to the Echo Base, as Han Solo returns riding a tauntaun.

Second frame takes place in one of the ventilation/heating ducts above the tauntaun enclosure, with a rebel soldier looking down on a couple of wampas devouring a tauntaun carcass. I was going for a Die Hard moment and claustrophobic feeling of the scene (Ho, ho, ho, now I have a blaster!)

Third key frame shows the beginning of showdown between wampas and rebel troopers and personnel in the maze of Echo Base icy corridors. Two wampas are chasing rebels down the icy base towards a third wampa lurking behind a wall of ice. I thought it would be cool to show the intelligence of wampas and their ability to coordinate.

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc moment keyframe01 wampa pack

Wampa Pack

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc moment keyframe02 duct soup

Duct Soup
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Midhat kapetanovic asilmc moment keyframe03 run