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ASILMC - Moment - Dragonsnake wrangling

I suffered a spontaneous stroke of genius (to quote Mel Brooks); a scene came to my mind that would be really nice to depict. I therefore proceeded to draw a situation in which Yoda trains Luke in the art of Force Psychic Manipulation by dunking him in a pond infested with juvenile (but in NO WAY less dangerous) dragonsnakes on Dagobah. The beasts immediately start circling their potential prey as Luke freaks out and tries to fight them off without success (echoing Luke's encounter with Wampa ice creature on Hoth). Now, through Yoda's guidance, Luke concentrates and manages to reach into dragonsnake's minds calming them down.

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc moment keyframe04 dagobah

Dagobah Swim

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc moment keyframe05 dragonsnake wrangling

Dragonsnake Wrangling