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Zootopia 2 character concepts - Air Support Crew

I think it would be nice to take things to new heights in a (very probable) sequel!
The crew consists of Air Commander Jackallyn Hale - pilot, Sergeant Tom Khormak - copilot and rescue technician, and Bullet "Steve" and Cannonball "Bob" Quirrelsky (their nicknames are a product of a life in extreme-sports orientated family, where freaks are the ones who don't risk lives on a daily basis. Flying squirrels families bring new meaning to the word strange, I guess) - both observers and mid-air rescue experts. All of them are veterans of 3rd Bird War and decorated service-people, with strong work ethic and a touch of PTSD. I like the fact that no flying craft in Zootopia has wings, because of the innate distrust of birds and insects. They mainly use helicopters and dirigibles.