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ASILMC - Job - Phase 2 - Danji vehicles concepts

A religious sect traveling the galaxy, trading goods and spreading the good word of their philosophy and scriptures. Never aggressive, they are known as trustworthy vagabonds and fair traders. However, in a galaxy of malevolent empires, criminal syndicates and pirate bands, they picked up the meaning of the word "defense" to a whole new level.

Their ships are equipped with best shields and armor plates, form capital temple-ships to quick escort interceptors. Driven by age-old sense of right and wrong, they decide collectively not to tolerate Empire's tyranny.

As such, they are a great and much needed addition to Rebel Alliance's liberation forces.

Design-wise, I love the imagery and shapes of Wild West settler carriage trains with their distinctive canvas barrel-shaped tarpaulins. Also the shape lends itself quite nicely to a defensive posture of craft. Armadillo or lobster-tail form is present in all cultures as a default organic armor shape.

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc job keyframe02 01 danji fleet rides to battle

Danji fleet taking off to war

Midhat kapetanovic danji fighter concept 01a

Danji vehicle concepts

Midhat kapetanovic danji fighter concept 001

Danji fighter and interceptor craft concepts

Midhat kapetanovic danji capital ship concept 001

Danji capital ship concept

Midhat kapetanovic danji species concept 01a

Danji species concept

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc sb01 droid rescue 01

Story-boarded R2D2 and C-3PO rescue sequence