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ASILMC - Job - Phase 1 - Rebel Getaway

I loved the idea of expanding the action scene on Hoth so I decided to do a rough storyboard of an action sequence where seven samur..., sorry, Rebels broke out of Imperial holding area inside Echo base. Our main character is a girl whose job on Echo Base was animal wrangler and unbeknownst to her comrades, she is force-sensitive in that she can communicate with animals on telepathic level. After breaking out of jail, they make their way to the hangar where freighter "Dodger" is berthed intending to commandeer it and make their getaway. Alas, they are ambushed by Imperials and just when everything seemed lost, our heroine summons through Force a herd of Pantauns and uses them to distract snowtroopers. By sacrificing herself she helps her teammates to escape and continue the good fight.

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc job keyframe01 01 getaway

Final keyframe

Midhat kapetanovic dodger

Dodger concept

Midhat kapetanovic pan taun

Pantaun concept

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc sb01 rebel breakout

Story-boarded escape sequence