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REEEEALY ancient stuff

I have (literally) unearthed some of the sketches I did back in elementary school so, scanning them became a priority! I made no attempts to change anything using PS - they are best presented in their natural (yellowed and worn) state!

Midhat kapetanovic scan0020

A couple of Tomcats I drew on A4 paper using graphite technical 0.5 Rotring pencil. Shit, I had nerves of steel back in 6th grade!

Midhat kapetanovic scan0013

Riding on the Top Gun wave, I also did an illustration of Hornets on the top of a carrier deck. I also did NOT have a girlfriend back then.

Midhat kapetanovic scan0018

My very first concept design: a single seat light fighter launched from a colossal aerial carrier (thus the reason for folding wings and upward-pointing arrester hooks used to attach to a flying landing bay)
Done in seventh grade :-)