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ASILMC - Ride - Underwater Rebellion

For the past week I was engrossed in the wonderful world of Star Wars, trying to incorporate brand new designs into new situations and possible scenarios. Fun part was experimenting with shapes and ratios, colors and textures, old aesthetics and new. Tougher part was putting them in context so that they make composition and narrative sense from audience's point of view. I did manage in the end to crank out several production paintings that are roughly in chronological order so one can simulate the dynamic of a finished motion picture.

All of the action is taking place on a same uninhabited planet bereft of complex animal and plant life. Constantly battered by rains and winds, the planet offers a haven for the members of Rebel Alliance. Hiding in underwater dwellings and only occasionally venturing to the surface, the Rebels are planing their next move in the struggle against the Empire.

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc ride concept01 01 hangar launch

Hangar Launch

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc ride concept01 02 aquaspeeder chase

Aquaspeeder Chase

Midhat kapetanovic asilmc ride concept01 03 shoot him shoot him shoot him

"Shoot him, shoot him, SHOOT HIM!"