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Little Steammaid

Modern retelling of classical H. C. Andersen done in steampunk fashion. Avenging marine angel hellbent on revenge and assisted by mad scientist who nursed her back to health by attaching mechanical prosthetics on her mutilated body.
Not every Evil is evil in itself; to turn the mirror around and realize one’s greatness is hardest when you are small and helpless…”-he whispered, hunched over, not noticing the shadows that the ships’ oil lamp drew across his face. He didn’t feel the rocking of the waves nor did he hear the howl of the wind. The salty air tasted stale in his mouth.
But, I had only those things.
My senses.
The waves laid me down in an old cradle where I saw the eyes of one old and sad teddy-bear. The last glimpse of lucidity remembered only that and the thin rays of sunlight that cut the deep water.
Freedom within nothingness is strange. God’s wisdom is not revealed to everyone. While I cut the waves to the place where no one is waiting for me, it hurts me but then I go